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The Thomas Hume was lost without a trace in a squall, with six crew members, on May 21, 1891, after delivering lumber to Chicago  from the home port of Muskegon. The mystery was solved after a marine contractor found the wreck in 2006, sitting upright and largely intact in 150 feet of southern Lake Michigan water.

Great Lakes shipwrecks open a window onto the past three centuries of exploration and commerce on the inland seas, and offer some of the best-preserved examples of maritime history in the world. Scuba diving on these vessels can feel like a haunted journey back in time. We are pleased to share some of our underwater exploration in images and stories. Read more about the Hume

260 feet deep in Lake Michigan the lantern room in the stern area of the S.S. Michigan still carries the spare parts used to maintain the ship’s lighting system on the work bench. The Michigan sank before ships were electrified. The author was the first person to enter this room after more than 125 years.

The Tragedy of Zebra Mussels

Shipwreck photos and videos show effects of the invaders on freshwater shipwreck preservation. Read more

The emergency helm on the Kamloops about 170 feet down in Lake Superior on the North shore of Isle Royale. The Kamloops was lost without a trace in 1927 and rediscovered in 1977 in 250 feet of water off, ironically, Kamloops Point.

A Long View of Great Lakes Scuba Diving

The sport was only a couple of decades old, and Sea Hunt's Mike Nelson was a boyhood hero...
Read more

A lone barrel stave is all that's left from these kegs of flour still floating on the ceiling of the cargo hold of the S.S. Florida,  200 feet down in Lake Huron off Presque Isle. Air trapped inside a hardened paste of flour keeps this cargo trapped in the top of thehold after more than 100 years on the bottom.

The Gear Changes, "New Gear" Lust Remains the Same.
There will always be divers who want the very latest thing...which will become a venerable (or ridiculous) antique in time. Read more


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