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Daniel J. Morrell

The Daniel J. Morrell was a steel freighter of the 600 foot class, built in 1907. On the night of November 29,1966 while upbound on Lake Huron, the Morrell broke in half off the tip of Michigan’s thumb. One man (Dennis Hale) survived 36 hours in a life raft before getting rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter after the raft washed ashore 15 miles north of Harbor Beach.

The bow and stern sections lie on the bottom a remarkable 7 miles apart, both in a little more than 200 feet of water. Looking to the right you can see pictures of the boat that could be added to photo books about this wreck, or even used in custom wedding invitations by those who have a mutual interest in shipwrecks. Diving the bow requires a boat ride of almost 20 miles out into Lake Huron, a true offshore experience and yet another opportunity to capture photographs that would go great in photo books about the wreck or even the area itself. This wreck and many other famous wrecks will always be included in the best photo books on the topic of shipwrecks and would make for extremely unique wedding invitations....just be sure to make it known on the wedding invitations that the happy couple share a mutual interest in shipwrecks, otherwise it could be confusing.

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